Three Not a Crowd

I’ll try to be as ingenuous as possible. No nonsense. Nina is in her late 40s and have had several adventures in this particular field. It’ll most likely be the most exciting thing you will see her performing at ease. Have you ever dreamt of having an experience of two chicks at the same time? Yes! This is what we call the male primitive fantasy. Every real man has dreamt about two young ready ladies who are not only willing to please and submit to every sexual demand, but who are also willing to play and pleasure each other. Makes excellent porn… Real life is a little more convoluted, and getting numerous ladies to agree to have sex with a man at the same time isn’t tough.

Everyone will have a unique experience because we all have distinct motivations for our actions, as well as diverse sentiments and emotions. Have a look at Nina’s and have an idea of what it feels like to date two girls at the same time. She has done a great video by the name “Three not a Crowd” which involves her and her other friends that you will definitely love.

Rules of the Game

Nina might have no rules of enjoying the game but in real life, there are a few things you need to put into consideration including:

  • I could write volumes on every inch of this young woman’s tight sensual figure, and how lovely her legs were, and so on.
  • Physically and intellectually, it’s a lot more work than you may expect.
  • The feeling of continually checking to make sure you’re giving each women the same amount of attention.
  • It happens that women get self-conscious about their bodies… Spending too much time on one woman’s “assets” can cause jealousy and ruin a mood.
  • Allow the women to get to know one another before the event.


Enjoy watching the crazy part of it on But if you must try it out remember Everyone’s story will be different. But my suggestion is to not go into it expecting to be in a perfect porn fantasy scenario the first time.

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